"You’re a really good Bro" Thanks, I am.

That feel when you gotta be the one to get out of bed and hobble down the hallway to piss cause your host too chicken shit.

brozoi asked: boops u

A booping fit for a king.

What’s a boop.

Responsibilities include:

  • talk-off-the-wall
  • impromptu therapist
  • medication reminder
  • study buddy
  • cheerleader
  • sleeping pill

It’s weird seeing people following me that I already know of.

People who I’ve spoken to and trust, and people who have single handedly created the messes I’ve had to clean up.

Please read my about page before following, it contains some very integral information.

I can’t believe we just beat Halo 4.

Anonymous asked: "kids" plural???? >:0

Yeah. Son and a daughter.

Anonymous asked: wait was john's ass on a porn site?


are you kidding me

do you know how many people have artistically rendered him taking things up the ass i cant tell you how much egbertian sex ive unwittingly witnessed in my short time on this website


Sometimes I think about the fact that I’m here specifically because Jake jumped ship and I get angry. That kid is too scatter brained for existence.